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USA Soccer Academy: Made for Champions

Ready for a Soccer Student Challenge?

Living, playing and studying in the USA is an enourmous opportunity as well as a challenge. If you are ages 16-19 and have a passion to drive yourself to the highest level – then EduKick USA is for you.

If you come here, and you work as hard as we ask you to work – you will be transformed…

Soccer, Academics, and Culture at USA Gateway

Are you ready to take your soccer training to the next level? If so, you should consider an EduKick Soccer and Education Academy. Here you can continue your education while furthering your soccer training and getting to experience intercultural relationships with other student-players from around the world!

Learn more about EduKick USA Gateway Prep Soccer & Education Academy in this video – made just for players like you who are ready to take that next step toward becoming the best student and athlete they can be.

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How Does a US Soccer Academy Work?


You ask. We answer.

While all EduKick venues vary in their academic plans, our USA academy, Gateway Preparatory Sports Academy, partners with EduKick USA to offer soccer students the new GPA Soccer & Education Academy. This new venue is able to combine academics, excellent soccer coaching and the inter-cultural experience unique to all EduKick academies.

What are the facilities like?

As a private school, GPA has a main campus, a fantastic sports-centered facility and student living quarters. The goal of the academy is to create an environment in which student-players are challenged individually to be their unique best.

The sports complex provides an elite training program, allowing each athlete to strengthen and develop their tactical awareness and technical knowledge of the game in a challenging environment.

Is Combining Academics with Soccer Training a Challenge for the Student?

While this format of education/training brings with it more stringent requirements of students, the staff of EduKick USA and GPA always available to help the participants through the challenges. Out staff are well-chosen to be fully committed to the overall education of each individual through both their academic achievement and soccer training.

Living, playing soccer and studying in USA as a teenager or young adult represents an enormous challenge for both the participant and the educators. That’s why the EduKick USA/GPA staff are chosen for their ability to guide, mentor and provide a high level of care and service to our young academy participants.

Does all this take place in a single location?

Not entirely. While the new USA academy is located in Glen Carbon, Illinois, well-known as one of the best places to live in the US, our system is encompasses several locations. Our system is highly organized and unified to offer only the best, and student-players are transported by private bus to each of those destinations.

· Academics: Gateway Preparatory, Main Campus
· Residence & Onsite Gym: Gateway Sports Academy
· Strength & Conditioning: Accelerate fitness
· Soccer Coaching Sessions: Edwardsville High School
· Soccer Matches: Southern Illinois University

Where do academics fit in?

Education through any EduKick venue will be the finest an international academy has to offer. Here is more information on EduKick academics in the USA. In general, we offer all the courses normally offered by your local high school, with options for advanced placement, business and sports tracks. Some of the courses offered are as follows:

· Language Arts
· Mathematics
· Business
· History
· Science
· Physical Education
· Fine arts
· Foreign Language
· World Religion

What does something like this cost?

For a full academic year running between August and June, the cost is as follows. The reason for the variation in price is due to the cost of acquiring passports, visas, transportation and other paperwork.
$40,990 USD (International Students)
$34,990 USD (Domestic USA Students)

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How Does an EduKick USA Education Work?

You ask. We answer.

Many people have asked us how getting an education through an EduKick academy works. And that’s a great question. So here is a detailed article on exactly what kind of academics we offer.

Gateway Preparatory Academy

GPA Soccer Academy participants attend Gateway Preparatory Academy main campus from 9:30am – 1:30pm each weekday to focus on their academic pathway. Our priority is to ensure that each student-athlete progresses toward a meaningful college degree. The goal that they learn to balance the demands of being both a student and an athlete as they grow and develop.

Student-athletes need to learn ways to budget time and energy as they combine practice and competition with academics. Because of their unique demands, some student-athletes need academic assistance. Tutorial study time is allocated each evening at the residence dormitory.

Core Class Examples

  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Business
  • History
  • Science
  • Physical Education
  • Fine arts
  • Foreign Language
  • World Religion

Advanced Placement Classes

AP (Advanced Placement) classes provide students with additional academic challenges. These courses allow students to explore subject matter at an accelerated level and prepares them to take the AP exam for college credit. Gateway Prep offers several Honors and AP courses.

Education Track Options

There are two education programs offered at Gateway Preparatory Academy: the Honors track or the career concentration track.

Honors Track

This track includes, but is not limited to, the following courses:
Language arts

  • English I, II, III & IV
  • Honors English I, II, III & IV
  • ESL Grammar & Composition
  • ESL Speaking & Listening


  • Algebra I & II
  • Precalculus
  • Calculus I & II
  • AP Caalculus

Social Studies

  • Government
  • United States History
  • World History
  • World Religion


  • Biology
  • Health
  • Anatomy
  • Chemistry & Honors Chemistry
  • Physical Science
  • Physics & Honors Physics


  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Baseball & Softball

Fine Arts

  • Basic, intermediate & advanced art
  • Choir
  • Theatre

Foreign Language

  • French 1, 2 & 3
  • Spanish 1,2 & 3

World Religion

  • World Religions 101


  • Yearbook
  • Seminar
  • Computer Applications

Career Concentration Tracks

There are 3 types of Career Concentration tracks offered. Students who choose one of these tracks will have the same core classes as those who choose the honors track, but in addition will have concentrated training in their chosen track.

Athletic Enhancement Track

The most popular option for EduKick Soccer participants, this track focuses on developing high performing student athletes by providing personal player development, athletic marketing, strength training, career exploration, leadership/character education, sports nutrition education, mental conditioning and time management.

The program also provides:

  • ACT test prep
  • NCAA Clearing house workshops
  • Rigorous college prep course

Bio-Medical Track

This track provides a cutting edge program that gives high school students the opportunity to begin studying for a career in Biomedical Sciences. The courses in this track cover the principles of biomedical science, medical interventions and bio-medical innovations, and is made for any student interested to undertake a career in the medical field

Business Track

This track teaches students to tackle business challenges in the classroom, covering such courses as payroll, income tax, accounting, business procedures, management and consumer law. The array of business classes offered prepares students for a variety of careers teaching them to effectively communicate business principles in the working world.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

ESL classes are provided daily to all international students who will critically read and analyze college level texts. Students in the EFL program will develop effective speaking skills such that they can be understood by classmates, faculty, staff and others for academic and social purposes including conversations, classroom discussions and oral presentations.

Students will demonstrate basic competence in managing the writing process and will produce effective written products including college essays and similar types of academic writing. Students will be able to listen to and understand the main ideas and significant relevant details in various listening contexts.

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EduKick USA New Soccer Videos!

Okay, we get it. You want MORE soccer videos from the new soccer academy in St. Louis, Missouri, right? Well, here is the current EduKick USA Gateway Prep Soccer Academy playlist. So enjoy!

EduKick USA Gateway Prep Soccer Academy

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USA Soccer Academy: Experienced Coaching!


EduKick continues to provide top of the line directors, coaches and coaching methods for its student players.

Tim Byrnes – Director of Soccer Operations

Born and raised in the Metro St. Louis area, he’s played club, high school, and collegiate soccer here for most of the early part of his life.

“The opportunity to bring the highest level of soccer to the St.Louis area and to manage players from around the world that will impact the club and collegiate levels nationwide is a dream come true” Byrnes says.

After playing in both the NAIA and NCAA, Byrnes finished his career at Greenville College in 2004. He soon began coaching at Greenville, having the opportunity to coach under 2012 NAIA Coach of the year Brian McMahon.

The Belhaven University Blazers of Jackson Mississippi went to an NAIA National Championship due, in part to his leadership as Head Coach. As Assistant Coach for Maryville University, Director of Coaching for JC United in the St. Louis area and many other opportunities, Byrnes also serves as a coordinator for the College ID Program tying him directly to over 20 college coaches locally and coaches nationwide.

He fits the EduKick team well, and we are more than please to have him as coach!

Watch more about EduKick USA here!

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Where Is EduKick USA?

It’s called EduKick USA – Gateway Preparation Academy! And you’ll find EduKick’s newest venue in Glen Carbon, Illinois.

Looking for the village of Glen Carbon, IL?

It’s about 20 miles north of downtown St. Louis, Missouri. Which, BTW, is home to the United Soccer League franchise Saint Louis FC and many other franchises like the St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis Blues and St. Louis Rams. Anyone who’s visited knows how strongly the fans feel about their teams. The spirit of community here is almost alive – especially among sports fans.

Safety: It’s Important

But the best part of this location isn’t in it’s ties to sports lovers across the country. In reality, the city has recently been named by Money Magazine one of the best places to live in the United States. Not only that but it’s also one of the safest cities in all of Illinois.

Watch this interview with Head Coach Tim Byrnes:

The program facilities are centered in the Gateway Preparatory school main campus, Gateway Sports Academy, Accelerate Fitness, Edwardsville High School and Southern Illinois University. All are located within minutes of each other around the village of Glen Carbon, and the student-players are transported by private bus to and from each facility.

The Village of Glen Carbon

Glen Carbon is located just 20 miles north of downtown St Louis, Missouri which is home to United Soccer League franchise Saint Louis FC as well as other USA well know sports franchises St. Louis Cardinals (Baseball), St. Louis Blues (Hockey) and NFL’S St. Louis Rams. The St. Louis University Billikens men’s soccer team participates in the Atlantic 10 conference.

Registration Open Now

EduKick has again done itself proud with the introduction of a brand new USA soccer and education academy designed to give student-players full access to the best of both worlds. Not only will these new applicants be offered the best in accomodations, coaching, and security, but they are also given the opportunity for the best education in a private school.

And we hear the food is fantastic!

Have a taste for more? Watch this quick video of cafeteria time with the guys. Then sign up for your FREE information below!

USA Soccer Academy: Open to New Students Now!


Registration Begins For New Academy

Have you heard that EduKick has opened a new soccer academy in the USA? That’s right! It’s up and running with new applicants coming in quickly for the 2016/2017 season.

To introduce you to the new venue, we’re doing a series of video blogs to give you more information! To start, we’re going to hear from the man in charge of it all.

You’ll find the academy is already in full swing and ready to take on any soccer student between the ages of 13 – 19 years of age.

For more information an interview with Director, Andre Collins EduKick USA Gateway Prep Soccer & Education Academy.

Worried about interupting your education? All of EduKick’s academies provide the opportunity for completing a full education provided in private school.

And EduKick USA, located outside St. Louis, Missouri, offers the best. In fact, excelling in soccer while continuing to hold the standard in education is what EduKick is all about.

Stay tuned to hear about it next week!

Ready to learn more?

New US Soccer Training Academy in California!

EduKick USA

We are so proud to work with Santa Barbara Unified School District and Santa Barbara Soccer Club to provide this high quality soccer & education course in one of the world’s most beautiful places, Santa Barbara, California!
~EduKick’s Joey Bilotta

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EduKick USA Daily Training

EduKick International Football Academies has just opened our newest American venue – EduKick California! The US Soccer Academy is based in the “American Riviera,” Santa Barbara, California.

Girls Soccer Training

Male and female competitive soccer players (ages to 15-18) who are still attending High School are invited to experience EduKick’s USA Soccer and Education Courses.

EduKick Registration

Classes begin August 18, 2014, until June 5, 2015.

All student-players enjoy living with a pre-screened American Host Family and will attend High School full-time in the Santa Barbara’s Unified School District.

We know parents are concerned for the health and welfare of their child, that’s why each student will work with an EduKick Staff Mentor – available around the clock throughout the academic year.

EduKick USA Staff

In addition to excellent educational opportunities, EduKick has partnered with the Santa Barbara Soccer Club to provide daily soccer training and competitive matches each weekend.

The soccer training includes class time training as well as playing High School soccer September – February.

As Santa Barbara is a well-known California soccer hot-bed, student-players will attend every home match at Harder Stadium!

LA Galaxy at Harper Stadium

If you’d like to know more about EduKick USA Soccer Academies, please fill out the contact form below.