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Spanish Soccer Students Kick It Up

More Than Just Footy Skills

Did you know that EduKick has an Academy in Madrid, Spain? There, students from around the globe join in full-time soccer training from some of the best coaches in Spain.

Not only that, these high school students continue their education either online or by attending local schools. Language study is also a large part of the overall training at EduKick Academies. So our students are learning more than just footy skills.

We believe that a well-trained student can not only play soccer well, but be able to communicate on an international level with other players, coaches and others in their daily lives away from home.

Watch them play with skill in the video below, and see yourself playing with them.

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EduKick Madrid Announces New Courses


EduKick Madrid recently announced plans to offer new goalkeeper and continue their new female footballer courses early this year.

Adding goalkeeper and female specific courses to EduKick Spain is an example of our commitment to being the best football academy in Spain.-EduKick President, Joey Bilotta

Since 2001, EduKick has provided International Football and Education Academy programs for academic year, half-year, semester, monthly and summer language immersion football camps in Spain, England, Germany, France, Italy, Brazil, Mexico and the US.

Each venue includes opportunities for full-time educational options such as ESL, EFL, BTEC Sports Science, Foreign Language Study, IGCSE and A-Level, and USA 8-12 Online Distance Learning.

Goal keeper academy

Beginning in January 2015, EduKick Madrid, in association with LA LIGA Goalkeeper coach, Roberto Navajas of Real Sociedad, will open their Madrid-based academy to competitive goalkeepers who want to perfect their skills for their position. This new course features a dedicated coach in the morning training sessions.

Coach Navajas will personally overlook the goalkeeper training curriculum and communicate regularly with attending goalkeepers. Click here to learn more: GOALKEEPER COURSE

Female Soccer Academy


September saw the opening of the Female Football Academy Course. This unique female soccer training course is available to international female football players from 13-23 years of age. The female student-players train in the morning alongside the boys, enabling them to test their skills against their male counterparts in the academy.

They also train 2-3 times weekly with the local Spanish Women’s Squad. EduKick Spain inserts all its academy players onto local Madrid area Spanish teams according their their age and level and is affiliated with the famous womens’ only football club, Madrid CFF.

Their first team is in first place in the 2nd Division of Spain`s women`s soccer, and is a favorite to be promoted to Spanish Super Liga – 1st Division of Women`s football in Spain.

EduKick President Joey Bilotta said “Adding goalkeeper and female specific courses to EduKick Spain is an example of our commitment to being the best football academy in Spain. Now both goalkeepers and female footballers can also attend our unique residential academy in Madrid to continue their education and train specific to their position and gender.”

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Talia Bilotta Celebrates Winning Cup!

EduKick Madrid footballer, Talia Bilotta, wins the cup in Madrid!

Talia began to play organized football at the age of four, and after her 11th season of Competitive Youth Football in Canada, she’s making a splash at EduKick Madrid with her excellent instincts and great passing skills.

Celebrating the Winning Cup!

On September 14, 2014, Talia and teammate Patri participated with their club, Madrid CFF, in the All-Female tournament. The event was hosted by professional Spanish club Rayo Vallecano at their Ciudad Deportivo in Madrid.

Talia in EduKick Madrid AM Training

Read this article to find out more about Talia Bilotta, EduKick’s newest female football champion. Madrid CFF on Twitter

Three evenings a week, Talia and other female soccer players train with Spanish Club, Madrid CFF.

The team is famous for being the only female-owned and operated Madrid-based football club, and the girls are happy to be one of the team.

The women’s first team plays in the Spanish 2nd Division (Group 5).

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The three female footballers are: Talia Bilotta, aged 15 from Toronto, Canada, Elyse Galan, aged 18, from Quebec, and Rosanna Frith-Salem aged 17, from England.

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