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EduKick England: How Do Host Homes Really Work?

Getting excellent soccer training, the best coaching, a specialized fitness plan, and a great education sounds like an easy decision to make. But we know it can be hard to envision yourself really living in another country.

Questions like: Where will I study? What will I eat? What if I want to go out? and many more can cause prospective students to shy away from making the best decision of their lives.

And while it’s true that dedicating to an overseas soccer academy can be a difficult step, a little information can erase that problem. That’s why our directors have put together this video following one of our student-players, JP, through his life living with a host family in England.

Watch the video below to reveal the best chance you have at working to make your dreams a reality. Not only are his accomodations, security and comfort taken into account, his host family shows genuine appreciation for their charge and enjoys the opportunity to support a young athlete in training.

After that, take a moment to listen to our Director of EduKick Manchester, and decide if our soccer academy in Manchester, England, might be right for you.

Find out what living in Manchester is really like.

EduKick Manchester Director’s Interview

USA Soccer Academy: Made for Champions

Ready for a Soccer Student Challenge?

Living, playing and studying in the USA is an enourmous opportunity as well as a challenge. If you are ages 16-19 and have a passion to drive yourself to the highest level – then EduKick USA is for you.

If you come here, and you work as hard as we ask you to work – you will be transformed…

Soccer, Academics, and Culture at USA Gateway

Are you ready to take your soccer training to the next level? If so, you should consider an EduKick Soccer and Education Academy. Here you can continue your education while furthering your soccer training and getting to experience intercultural relationships with other student-players from around the world!

Learn more about EduKick USA Gateway Prep Soccer & Education Academy in this video – made just for players like you who are ready to take that next step toward becoming the best student and athlete they can be.

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EduKick USA New Soccer Videos!

Okay, we get it. You want MORE soccer videos from the new soccer academy in St. Louis, Missouri, right? Well, here is the current EduKick USA Gateway Prep Soccer Academy playlist. So enjoy!

EduKick USA Gateway Prep Soccer Academy

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USA Soccer Academy: Open to New Students Now!


Registration Begins For New Academy

Have you heard that EduKick has opened a new soccer academy in the USA? That’s right! It’s up and running with new applicants coming in quickly for the 2016/2017 season.

To introduce you to the new venue, we’re doing a series of video blogs to give you more information! To start, we’re going to hear from the man in charge of it all.

You’ll find the academy is already in full swing and ready to take on any soccer student between the ages of 13 – 19 years of age.

For more information an interview with Director, Andre Collins EduKick USA Gateway Prep Soccer & Education Academy.

Worried about interupting your education? All of EduKick’s academies provide the opportunity for completing a full education provided in private school.

And EduKick USA, located outside St. Louis, Missouri, offers the best. In fact, excelling in soccer while continuing to hold the standard in education is what EduKick is all about.

Stay tuned to hear about it next week!

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September: Goal of the Month!

Sometimes it just takes one shot to make it big, and we’ve been seeing quite a few examples of this as of late. Watch these plays go down and be amazed.

Team Work

At EduKick, we work hard to train our students that it’s not always about them. And shooting a spectacular shot is no exception. This is teamwork at its finest.

Great work, players!

Let’s keep this kind of action going all year long.

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Soccer Music Video!

Want to know more about EduKick Madrid’s Programs?

They offer academic-year soccer and education courses for competitive players and goalkeepers – male and female – from 13-24 years of age.

You’ve gotta see the music video they just made!

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Teen Soccer Students Have the Moves!

Watch the EduKick Madrid student-player guys and girls battle it out on the field.

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EduKick Madrid Summer Camp 2015

Want to know more about EduKick Madrid’s Summer Camp Programs? Watch the video below and find out!

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