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EduKick – The Premiere Soccer and Education Academy


EduKick continues to train up young people to become the best and the brightest in the world of soccer. Each student is benefited, not only by the experienced coaches, but by the accountability and education so important to the EduKick way of life.

Opportunities for professional club exposure is available to every young person who attends an EduKick academy. Venues in Manchester, England, as well as Madrid, Spain, have produced many players now playing professionally.

If you know a young person with potential to play soccer on a higher level, or if you are a soccer student who wants to train full time while continuing your academic education, click here to find more information about the EduKick way of training!

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Soccer Academies Open Registration for 2014/2015

Eight EduKick Academies

Are you ready for the soccer academy experience of a lifetime? EduKick works tirelessly to continue their excellent soccer and academic standards in the lives of their student-athletes.

Register now for the 2014/2015 season!

In every one of their eight soccer academies around the world they strive to teach strong soccer skills, solid academics and foreign language study along with intercultural competence.

No matter what your soccer goals are, EduKick offers you the opportunity to continue your high school education while furthering your life experience and hopes for the future.

Each EduKick Soccer and Education Academy offers the best in soccer and education training:

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Our newest soccer training facility is USA – California, where we’ve partnered with Santa Barbara Unified Schools and the Santa Barbara Soccer Club to give you the best in soccer training and high school education opportunities.

At EduKick Spain, you can spend time with the famous Mallo family, who will ensure you learn “Spanish Futbol” the traditional way.

EduKick England, in Manchester, has a reputation for top notch football training and a solid foundation in educational excellence. Play with top clubs and get noticed!

At EduKick Mexico, you can have fun in the sun and get into the intense team spirit and competition played there.

EduKick Brazil participants reside in a hot bed of soccer activity as they enjoy the cultural trips and professional matches offered to all EduKick students.

EduKick France is proud to partner with Hidalgo International Football Academy, to ensure that participating players have “the French language & culture football experience of a lifetime!”

Each of the programs at EduKick Italy are a complete package of international travel, Italian cultural exposure, Italian language study and immersion, academic study and professional football training.

Another new EduKick soccer academy is EduKick Germany, located in the town of Hennef, and well-connected to soccer clubs throughout the region.

Wherever you choose to attend, EduKick Academies are the ultimate in Soccer and Education training.

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