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Manchester Academy Update

Many things have been happening at EduKick Manchester

At least three coaching sessions and another game have happened in a week. Wednesday had a home game with Hopwood Hall, and the players are excited to play even more.

Here are some recent pictures from our guys.

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Soccer Tips: Staying Hydrated

#1 Before the Game:
Track your fluid intake-aiming for at least 8 glasses of water, juice or milk a day-and more when you are working out or on the field.

Manchester 9

*Tip: Keep a water bottle to refill as needed.
Reduce dehydrating drinks like sodas, coffee, and especially alcohol.

#2 During the Game:
Halftime is the time for plenty of liquid. Water or sports drinks will recharge your system.
*Tip: Choose a sports drinks containing electrolytes, minerals, and carbohydrates.

#3 After the game:
When the game is over, rehydration should begin. If you are hot and tired, slowly drink cool water or a sports drink until your thirst subsides.

When hydrated properly, your performance can top that of a better player who is dehydrated. Translation: Drink up! Your game depends on it.

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Another EduKick Alum Goes Pro


Every season, it seems we discover more EduKick grads finding their way into professional soccer. Today, it’s Charlie Butte of Belmont, Massachusetts.

Charlie, age 22, is an American who trained at EduKick Madrid in the 2010/2011 academic year.

He returned to the USA to play for Iona College in New York. After several trials in Germany, he recently signed for Sportfreunde Siegen.

Congratulations, Charlie!

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EduKick – The Premiere Soccer and Education Academy


EduKick continues to train up young people to become the best and the brightest in the world of soccer. Each student is benefited, not only by the experienced coaches, but by the accountability and education so important to the EduKick way of life.

Opportunities for professional club exposure is available to every young person who attends an EduKick academy. Venues in Manchester, England, as well as Madrid, Spain, have produced many players now playing professionally.

If you know a young person with potential to play soccer on a higher level, or if you are a soccer student who wants to train full time while continuing your academic education, click here to find more information about the EduKick way of training!

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How EduKick Soccer Training Works

If you’ve ever wanted to get professional soccer training, EduKick is the way to go. Our international academies have proven again and again to turn out well-educated and exceptionally trained young men and women who love the sport.

Watch a couple of student-players from EduKick Madrid enjoy prepping for a game.

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Soccer Training on the EduKick England Pitch

Pass, Patient, Clinical Ball, Goal…

At EduKick Manchester, training on the pitch is intense. Recently, the student-players have been working with Coach Neil in passing, build up play, switching play, being patient and communicating.

So it’s always great to see all that effort by the staff and the players pay off! Check out this goal at Edukick Manchester, in one of the most recent fixtures.

The guys did exactly what they were asked to do. Good work!

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